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Concept - direction: Giovanni Netzer

Origen Festival Cultural

December 2018 - März 2019

Clavadeira, Riom, Graubünden

The music theater "Alexei" narrates the short life and long death of the last son of the tsar. Alexei Nikolayevich Romanov, the only son of the tsar, was supposed to inherit the gigantic empire one day and lead Russia into a better future. But the lanky boy suffers from hemophilia, the bleeding disease. "Alexei" is a theatrical portrait of a lost boy who matures early, stops struggling and ends tragically. The musical theater for dancers, singers and actors is based on songs and piano pieces by Modest Mussorgsky.

Cast: Sybille Diethelm, Konstantin Ingenpass, Riikka Läser, Miguel Angel García Martín, Antonis Michalopoulos, Alena Sojer, Maximilian Vogler

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