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Fanto and Lis

Fernando Arabal

direction: Odysseas Zikas

Vis Motrix Studio

December 2017 - Januar 2018

It is the story of two characters, Fanto and Lise, who, like children lost in the wreckage of the grown-up world, seek the mythical city of Tar, a state where all dreams can come true, a state that grants happiness to all who make it there.

A music and visual art performance that captures the ephemeral nature of everyday life and human nature. A mini score of life given in moments that are both familiar and distant​. 13 actors of the NTNG in 13 live images in an underground meeting in the city centre.  A journey that unites music with dance and poetry with philosophy. 


A spokesman for the Theatre of the Absurd and co-founder of the Theatre of Panic, a movement inspired by the god Pan and influenced by Bunuel and Artaud, Arambal draws his "paradox" from an approach to human existence in the light of a childlike simplicity. As Martin Esslin says in Theatre of the Absurd, Fanto and Lise is a mixture of comedy del arte and grand guignol, and "is a poetic evocation of the antinomy of love, the love a child feels for his dog, which sometimes treats him tenderly and sometimes torments him."


The performance is the result of a group research process based on the teaching principles of important contemporary theatre artists such as Ryszard Nieoczym.

It is an experience that "breaks the boundaries" of the classical Italian theatre stage and which the audience, with the help of the evocative atmosphere created by the original music of Paschalis Ignatiadis, experiences as a witness rather than as a spectator.

Set - Costume Designer: Lea Kousi
Music composition: Paschalis Ignatiadis
Movement Design: Irini Kalogira
Directors assistant: Iliana Antoniadou

Cast: Giorgos Giannakis, Maria Arvaniti,
Antonis Michalopoulos, Giorgos Vrachnos, Paolo Gruni

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