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Schema Ektos Axona

November - December 2014

Α work composed of texts written by friends, known and less known. A 'collection' of memories, positive and negative, from our childhood and adolescence that accompany us for life. We carry the load of memories and try to find our identity until we die, composing a different resume every moment. We are both creators and protagonists.


"Others then, others now, and history never stops"

"We are the sum of our memories and the improvisation of every moment"

"Memories for people are like the subtext for actors. They motivate and hinder you. They push you and they lock you in. They free you and imprison you. They are to blame for everything and for nothing"

"Someone said 'be lenient with people, you never know what stories everyone is carrying"

"Underconstruction. Perpetual. Memories and experiences make up the structure of our being, sometimes throwing plaster on unsuspecting passers-by!"

ConceptDirection: Anastasia Theofanidou

Stage and costume design: Irini Atmatzidou

Cast: Anagnostou Achilleas, Michalopoulos Antonis, Ouzouni Thomai, Spyridaki Eftichia

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