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πλοῦς| ploûs

Concept / Performance: Antonis Michalopoulos

Design / Installation: Irene Gazillo

Curated by Domenico Ermanno Roberti


OnCurating Project Space, Zürich
December 2020

The installation of Irene Gazzillo is dedicated to the soul searching journey of the protagonist of the medieval epic poem Parzival. Through a collaboration with the perfomer Antonis Michalopoulos, the psychogeographies created by Irene leave behind the texts of Wolfram von Eschenbach, becoming the setting for new narratives guided by the movements of performers and audiences within the space.

In the scenic experiment created and perrformed by Antonis Michalopoulos the act of viewing and the action of wandering between the scenographical elements are fused in order to create a fluid dramaturgy. Scenes emerge and allude episodes and adventures of a lonely individual floating inside the ocean of the world.

floating. remain on the surface. escape sinking. resist gravity. survive the hit of a wave. embrace the water. find support. travel on top. join the flux. follow. in the company of the waves. journey. without navigation. adventure. obey the current. struggle to swim. tidal. swing. a flash near. afar. disoriented. another flash. lost and found. surrender to the flow. wash out. on shore. swim in my memories. my floating land. ploûs

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