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The good person of Setzuan

B. Brecht


directed by Giannis Margaritis

09 Theatre Company / National Theatre Northern Greece

NTNG DRAMA SCHOOL Lazaristes Monastery Mikro Theatre, July 2014

49th DIMITRIA FESTIVAL THESSALONIKI  Aneton Theater, September 2014

How could anyone be good, when everything is so expensive? How can we talk about morality, when hordes of impoverished people deluge our cities? Should we better split our self in order to deal with the absurdity of the world? These questions remain tragically relevant today. Bertolt Brecht does not teach ethics. He is very much aware of the fact that there can be no morality without the existence of evil in the world. The play simply reminds us of the basic principle of life, which is giving without expecting anything in return.

Cast: Eleftheria Aggelitsa, AchilleasAnagnostou, Aristotelis Zacharakis, Stefania Zora, Stelios Kallistratis, Prodromos Kirkineziadis, Antonis Michalopoulos, Eftychia Spyridaki, Athina Sykioti and Andromachi Fountoulidou.​

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