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Tonight We Improvise

Luigi Pirandello

Regie - Taxiarchis Chanos

09 Theatre Company / National Theatre of Northern Greece

NTNG DRAMA SCHOOL - Lazaristes Monastery Mikro Theatre, July 2014


A director makes his troupe improvise without organized entrances, cues and spatial planning. He asks not the form but the essence of art. The truth of the moment. Or not. Some mistakes, misunderstandings and quarrels that erupt between ambitious actors are
pre-planned and strictly choreographed by the director, who himself improvises babbling forced to cover some of the holes that open in his scenic construct.
The actors are out of control. What is planned? Is there room for creative freedom?

As the experiment comes to life, the written case acquires flesh and
blood. The director tries to capture the actors’ innate masterpiece, who turn the stage mistakes into flawless performances, and they revolt by taking the play’s ending into their own hands. The director returns for the final bow and one question remains: Was it all preconceived, or was it a successful improvisation?

Cast: Eleftheria Aggelitsa, AchilleasAnagnostou, Aristotelis Zacharakis, Stefania Zora, Stelios Kallistratis, Prodromos Kirkineziadis, Antonis Michalopoulos, Eftychia Spyridaki, Athina Sykioti and Andromachi Fountoulidou.​

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